Whether it’s the architectural detailing that it encompasses or the statement pieces that fill it, a home’s entryway and foyer set the tone for what lies ahead. This all-important space is the prelude to your signature design style.


A grand entrance that includes innovative architectural elements and rich, elegant materials is guaranteed to turn heads. “Foyer spaces are like seeing someone for the first time,” says Lachmee Chin, director of interiors at ODP Architects. “When done right, you feel the true spirit of the person.” Chin, along with ODP principals Ed O’Donnell and Kurt Dannwolf, has an impressive project portfolio that includes One Thousand Museum, Paramount Miami Worldcenter and many high-end private residences. For the project seen here, ODP worked directly with Shorecrest Construction. “The success of a project is the direct result of a collaborative effort,” Chin says.



A home’s design is only as good as how it is built; no one knows this better than Patrick Lee, founder and president of Shorecrest Construction, who first came to Miami as part of the team building the Four Seasons on Brickell. Seventeen years later, he has worked on more than 200 commercial and residential projects, including a stunning 7,200-square-foot penthouse at the Four Seasons in collaboration with ODP Architects. We spoke with Lee to get the details.

Tell us about the process of working with ODP Architects. Our job is to build what they envision. We are lucky to have a long-standing relationship with ODP, and we mutually trust each other to deliver beautiful projects. This home is extremely intricate. Every wall is covered with either wood, stone or fabric, and all of these materials needed to come together seamlessly.

What about the incredible ceiling? Like everything in this home, the geometry and complexity of the ceiling required extreme precision. We were working to deliver the aesthetic while maintaining the highest ceiling possible. From the framing, light placement and AC duct coordination to the fabrication and installation of the millwork, there is a very tight tolerance. At Shorecrest, we pride ourselves on exceeding clients’ expectations, which leads to our motto: “Beyond Craftsmanship.”